ServerDomes: Modular Actually Means Something

Since 2013, the ServerDome at OHSU has gone through two strategic capacity expansions while experiencing zero downtime.

While the word “modular” is trending in the data center world, it can mean different things to different people. So we want to define how Serverdomes uses the word. A ServerDome is built much like an erector set, in that it can be pre-engineered, shipped, and assembled on-site. This modular approach expedites construction times (deployment is easily less than half of brick and mortar), even in remote locations, while furnishing powerful attributes for future operations such as eliminating down time during upgrades, reducing the expense of stranded resources, and taking away some of the supply chain issues associated with data center construction and operation.

Eliminating Downtime
Downtime is costly to both revenue streams and reputation. This is major a problem in data centers where downtime is unavoidable during system upgrades or capacity expansion. This is where ServerDomes stands apart. Whether you are upgrading or performing maintenance on existing components, or adding capacity to expand the IT load, ServerDomes data centers remain unaffected. Since its construction in 2013, the mission critical ServerDome servicing OHSU in Portland, Oregon has gone through two strategic capacity expansions while experiencing zero downtime.

Eliminating Stranded Resources
No one likes buying equipment that just sits around being unproductive. This is especially true when talking about expensive electrical, cooling and networking systems. Stranded resources are usually the result of design limitations when it comes to data center expansion planning. Because ServerDomes are so modular, they can easily adjust to changes over time. This makes it easy to strategize roll outs and avoid the pitfalls of stranded resources. By only having to purchase what you need, when you need it, you will conserve capital costs, making both Investors and CFOs happy.

Avoiding Supply Chain Issues
Since a ServerDome data center does not rely on a specific vendor for most of its components, it has a tremendous amount of flexibility in its supply chain for the initial deployment, as well as the long-term strategic growth plan. Whether you are dealing with a customer preferred vendor list, back ordered components, or obsolescence, a vendor-agnostic ServerDome makes it easy to pivot and meet the needs of customers. This holds particular significance at present, given the ongoing global supply chain challenges that have led to industry-wide bottlenecks and resultant revenue losses.

In an industry where uptime and flexibility are paramount, ServerDomes stands as a beacon of innovation. Its modular prowess not only redefines the data center paradigm but also showcases the potential for a harmonious synergy between design, operation, and growth. As the digital frontier continues to evolve, ServerDomes modular philosophy is poised to drive efficiency, resilience, and success in the data center world, setting a new standard for the future.

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