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ServerDome is the future of data centers with a no-compromise approach to design, build, and operations. It represents a radically different concept for designing data center containment and infrastructure that offers best-in-class power and water efficiency, agility, adaptability, scalability, and significantly reduced maintenance costs. Using biomimicry as a design principle, ServerDome has eliminated the need for costly raised anti-static floors, chillers, water towers, CRAC or CRAH units, ductwork, exhaust fans, heaters, and humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

This unique combination of benefits is provided while delivering up to 4MW of IT power with an average power density of 25 kW per rack. Additionally, ServerDome is designed to be remotely operated as a “Lights-Out” facility reducing the need for 24/7 on-site staffing. ServerDome has been in operation for 5 years with zero downtime while meeting all design specifications underscoring the success of our product.



The challenge is to provide effective compute, storage, and data transport infrastructure while staying ahead of a technology curve resulting from rapidly evolving markets and shifting expectations. The driving forces are due to an exponential growth of data and an astonishing array of new products and services. That include artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality, data analytics, and 5G. The challenge must be met by leading the new “technology revolution” while retaining the agility and adaptability to avoid obsolescence and wasted resources.



ServerDome is a product of continuous innovations and disruptions that is essential to technological growth and success. Our product meets the ever-growing challenge of the “technology revolution” while promoting reduction of the global carbon footprint. We are eliminating unnecessary infrastructure and associated resource consumption.



To transform data centers by disseminating designs with superior efficiency, agility, scalability, and sustainability.

"I’ve seen and been involved in designing many data centers over the years. The ServerDome is innovative, practical and a great solution for getting compute done efficiently and effectively!"

Peter Gross

Industry Leader with 30+ years of DC experience and prior recipient of the DCD “Outstanding Contribution to the Industry” Award

"The ServerDome represents the latest in sustainable, eco-friendly technology designed to minimize the environmental impact and combat climate change while providing a cost-effective solution for the data center community."

Steven Gunders

Founding Board Member and Former CEO of The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

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