How much data center do you want?

Everybody wants capacity. And they’re looking everywhere to find it. This screams opportunity on the supply side. ServerDomes offers a modular data center that’s agile and scalable with zero downtime. A dome can deploy in as little as 12 months on a one-acre footprint, providing 5MW anywhere on the network, while consuming a fraction of the energy and water of other data centers.

3X more efficient:

1.13PUE / 0.1 WUE

Quick to deploy:

12 months average build time

Small form factor:

4-5MW on a single acre

Sustainable ESG:


Press Release: The Next Generation of Data Centers Being Built Through a North America Partnership Between ServerDomes and Fermaca Infraestructura

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The demand for compute is exponentially increasing with the adoption and growth of AI, Quantum computing, IoT and 5G.

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ServerDomes has been awarded Top 10 Managed Data Center Service Companies by CIO Review

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The adoption of artificial intelligence and 5G networks has driven up demand for data centers and spurred record new construction, but this rapidly growing real estate sector faces challenges regarding space and energy capacity, as well as concerns about environmental impacts.

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The implementation of expensive air conditioning units and strategies to mitigate heat-related issues significantly inflated the operational costs associated with data centers. In other words, running a data center was expensive.

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Success Requires a (Data) Plan

Having the ability to instantaneously scale up is essential in today’s viral market. So, ironically, many have suffered the consequences of their own success by not having the infrastructure to deal with a sudden surge. And one of the best arguments for companies to migrate to the cloud. However, having that kind of access comes with a price.

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