Success Requires a (Data) Plan

Having the ability to instantaneously scale up is essential in today’s viral market. So, ironically, many have suffered the consequences of their own success by not having the infrastructure to deal with a sudden surge. And one of the best arguments for companies to migrate to the cloud. However, having that kind of access comes with a price.

The Cost of the Cloud
The cloud can be expensive. That’s because you’re essentially renting someone else’s computers. And while that offers a quick and seamless way to scale, you’ll pay for every kilowatt you use, provided you can get more capacity given the increased demand of AI.

Which means your expenses will soar with your revenue.

So companies need to balance the cost of being in the cloud with the cost of maintaining their own infrastructure. To date, it’s been mostly larger companies that have been able to benefit from migrating away from the cloud because they can handle the initial capital costs to leverage the economy of scale by centralizing their systems.

Dropbox is the perfect example of a company who left the cloud to save a significant amount of operational costs by managing their own network and scale up. After using AWS services for several years, they realized how much money they could save and developed an exit strategy. By 2015 Dropbox migrated away from the cloud to their own network.

While larger business can often justify and manage the initial capital costs associated with de-migrating from the cloud, smaller and mid-size business can often get stuck. Not only are there server, personnel and ancillary equipment costs, but there is the substantial cost of the data center and all of its capital and operational expenses as well.

Welcome to 2024
This is where the ServerDome data center can open up the door to companies who haven’t been able to make the balance sheet work in the past.
ServerDome structural costs are are far lower than the standard data center from a per MW basis, plus they require less gear to operate which equates to significant capital savings. In addition, the Dome can also be built in less than 12 months, and accommodate a long-term growth strategy reducing stranded capital costs. And with a power and water efficiency that surpass the category, there are significantly lower maintenance cost than other data centers.

If that were not enough, ServerDomes exceeds all sustainability requirements, making in the perfect option for companies who are wishing to improve their sustainability story.

More choices. More options.
Today, mid-sized companies don’t have to be dependent on the cloud if they choose not to be. Of course, there will be companies who don’t want to manage their own systems, and are willing to pay the premium of having an all-in package. That said, companies who are well organized, motivated, and wanting to control their own data now have a choice, where before they didn’t.

They can choose ServerDomes.