ServerDomes: Structural Ingenuity That’s Resilient and Sustainable

One of a Series of Four

Any freshman engineering student can attest to the strength of triangles. Geodesic domes leverage these shapes in their construction to capitalize on this inherent strength. By coupling the stability of the triangular design with the dome shape, forces are distributed evenly across the entire structure, providing natural resistance to lateral movement during seismic events. In addition to this structural strength, the dome’s shape disrupts air movement, allowing for a sliding scale of wind ratings up to hurricane-force winds. It also facilitates the natural shedding of snow and ash, offering a significant advantage over classic box-style structures.

How do these design features contribute to the sustainability narrative of a ServerDome?

To begin, they lead to a reduction in required materials. The inherent stability provided by the dome design and shape minimizes the necessity for reinforcement against catastrophic events. This not only bolsters resilience but also curtails the need for excessive materials, thereby lowering the embodied carbons in the building.

Furthermore, as conventional structures face substantial losses in the wake of calamities, the ServerDome data center remains steadfast, thereby enhancing the building’s longevity. This enduring quality not only adds to its environmental sustainability but also results in a reduced carbon footprint. Unlike other data companies that continually replace aging buildings with new constructions, the ServerDome stands strong, embodying a resilient and eco-friendly approach through resource conservation.

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Success Requires a (Data) Plan

Having the ability to instantaneously scale up is essential in today’s viral market. So, ironically, many have suffered the consequences of their own success by not having the infrastructure to deal with a sudden surge. And one of the best arguments for companies to migrate to the cloud. However, having that kind of access comes with a price.

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