ServerDomes: Recycling Everything But Ideas

This commitment underscores our dedication to sustainability in all facets of ServerDomes design and operations.

One of a Series of Four

Recycling aluminum – which boasts being “infintely recycleable” – conserves up to 90% of the energy needed for producing new aluminum.

That’s one reason ServerDomes incorporates 60% recycled aluminum in its construction (with the exact percentage contingent on availability). Even better, is the potential to seamlessly transition to using 100% recycled aluminum. A similar adaptability applies to steel, which presently is composed of 60% recycled materials. (With the continuous advancement of scrap collection methods, this proportion will increase with time.)

While aluminum remains the most advantageous option when considering overall environmental impact and the life expectancy of a data center, it’s important to acknowledge that there are certain issues associated with aluminum “dross” in landfills that have sparked controversy. We are fully attuned to these concerns and are committed to addressing them thoughtfully.

Choosing these metals makes ServerDomes devoid of combustible materials such as wood or sheetrock, it boasts a nearly 100% recyclable nature. This ensures that, even in the unlikely event of a catastrophic incident, none of the ServerDome data center components would find its way to a landfill.

In alignment with this staunch zero-landfill commitment, ServerDomes abstains from using conventional UPS systems whose batteries eventually end up as landfill waste. Instead, the data center opts for alternative green battery solutions, or options like flywheels. This resolute commitment underscores our dedication to sustainability in all facets of ServerDomes design and operations.

In earnest consideration of our commitment to sustainability, our engineering team remains in a perpetual state of innovation. We are dedicated to refining the sustainability narrative surrounding our construction and operations. In anticipation of potential design requirements and material advancements, we have already identified alternative construction materials that stand ready as viable options as the market and availability grows.

This steadfast pursuit of improvement underscores our unwavering dedication to making a positive environmental impact.

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