ServerDomes: Green, Inside and Out

In employing native plants and optimizing water usage, the greenspace encapsulates the synergy between technology and nature.

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Can landscaping enhance the efficiency of your data center?

The greenspace encircling ServerDomes data centers are composed exclusively of native plants. The selection of plant species is entirely contingent upon the region’s characteristics. By embracing indigenous flora, the data center not only contributes to the advancement of biodiversity but also ensures that the chosen plants are well-suited to the local environment, eliminating the need for extra maintenance and reducing strain on local water resources.

Remarkably, the dome integrates a sophisticated water capture system, channeling water from the dome’s surfaces into the groundwater system. This ingenious water transport mechanism fosters sustainable plant growth, aligning with the data center’s ethos of ecological responsibility. In employing native plants and optimizing water usage, the greenspace encapsulates the synergy between technology and nature at the core of the data center’s design.

The greenspace plays a role in cooling the air before it enters the intakes, offering a modest yet noteworthy impact. Serving as a natural cooling mechanism, it effectively mitigates a portion of the heat present. Additionally, the plants serve as a preliminary filtration mechanism, purifying the air by diminishing pollutants and suspended particles as they pass through.

While not a critical requirement for the data center’s functionality, this subtle cooling effect holds significance. The filtration process contributes to prolonging the lifespan of the replaceable air filters within the data center, and thereby reducing overall maintenance expenses.

In sum, this incorporation of greenery aligns with our commitment to efficiency and sustainability, manifesting in both tangible cooling benefits and improved air quality.

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