“We are thrilled to partner with ServerDomes and are extremely impressed by their data center design that has sustainability at its core, and the level of expertise their management team brings to the table... ServerDomes is exactly the right data center at the right time and combined with our network will deliver greater value and reach to our clients and help them compete in their industries and around the world.”
Ray Fletcher
CEO of Fermaca Infraestructura
"We need to accelerate the interconnection process (and weed out speculative projects) and streamline permitting to address the looming energy gap. And the fastest, most cost-effective solution is aggressive deployment of Virtual Power Plants."
George Karayannis
North American Smart Cities Lead at Honeywell
"Our Emerging Technology division APPROVED ServerDomes as one of their Preferred Partners. Another 2nd to none technology."
Mike Burkey
Infrastructure & Energy Savings
"I can't say enough positive things about ServerDomes and David Jackson. It continues to be a pleasure working with them and I appreciate the leadership they bring bringing to the forefront issues like energy capacity and planning."
Frederick Van Den Abbeel, ASBC®
Economic Development
"As Al/HPC stacks and liquid cooling are seeing increased adoption rates, the ServerDome is uniquely designed to support those models, reducing energy consumption even further by avoiding the use of dry coolers to reject heat to the outdoors. No need for dry coolers."
John Wallerich
Experienced Data Center Thermal Design and Efficiency Engineer