Historic Pacific Northwest Heatwave No Match
for ServerDomes’ Data Center Design

Unique, sustainable design proves adaptability during deadly, record-breaking temperatures PORTLAND, Ore. — June 26-29 of this year, delivered a four-day, record-breaking heat blast to the normally temperate Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. The temperatures broke all-time high records across the region, pushing Portland’s average high of 112 degrees Fahrenheit to an all-time high of … Read More

Sustainable, Cost-efficient, Adaptable: ServerDomes Disrupts Data Center Design at Pivotal Moment in Global Data Needs

Scalable Dome Design; Simple, Revolutionary, Timely for 5G Expansion PORTLAND, Ore.  — When one thinks about data centers, words like dark, sterile, and “boxy” may spring to mind. Row upon row of non-personable machines humming along as they receive continuous data from the outside world. What if, however, an engineer literally thought outside the box … Read More

Groundbreaking Data Center Company Announces New Visionary CEO to Lead Company into the Future

Ken Patchett, a leader in the data center infrastructure space, takes the helm at ServerDomes, bringing tenured industry leadership PORTLAND, Ore.  — Reading Ken Patchett’s resume is like seeing a Who’s Who of technology giants: Compaq, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, and most recently, Oracle. He has been an instrumental leader in building and running successful, … Read More

ServerDomes profiled on C|NET

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