Groundbreaking Data Center Company Announces New Visionary CEO to Lead Company into the Future

Ken Patchett, a leader in the data center infrastructure space, takes the helm at ServerDomes, bringing tenured industry leadership

PORTLAND, Ore.  — Reading Ken Patchett’s resume is like seeing a Who’s Who of technology giants: Compaq, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, and most recently, Oracle. He has been an instrumental leader in building and running successful, technology-forward data centers and teams across the globe. When the opportunity to lead a company with the most disruptive, innovative data center design presented itself, he knew it was a perfect match.

“ServerDomes embodies the type of initiative and innovation that is desperately needed in the data center space,” said Ken Patchett, chief executive officer, ServerDomes. “The need for cost-effective sustainable data centers closest to where the users are, is growing exponentially around the world.  ServerDomes technology will enable more choices in site selection, environmental stewardship, configurability and cost control to both enterprise and hybrid-cloud based companies. I look forward to launching ServerDomes into the next phase and helping enhance access to technology around the world.”

Patchett takes the reins from Alan Resnik who will move into the position of executive chairperson.

“We are thrilled to have Ken on board and leading the team at ServerDomes,” said Alan Resnik, PhD, executive chairperson. “We look to his passion and depth of knowledge in the tech industry to take us to the next level.”


Ken Patchett is a well-known leader in the tech industry with 20 plus years’ experience in the development and deployment of hyperscale data centers and network solutions around the world. He is an experienced leader who has excelled in the data center space.

In fact, in 1999 he managed the beginnings of hyperscale growth at Microsoft — including the original MosWest data center and the first Microsoft-     owned data center in Bothell, Washington. Ken also built the Global MSN network operations organization. 

From there, Ken’s expertise landed him at Google where he completed their first hyperscale data center in The Dalles, Oregon. Soon after, he joined Facebook as an integral part of the data center team that propelled Facebook onto the world stage. Ken then focused his efforts as a VP of operations at RStor, a stealth startup focused on edge and micro edge computing strategy to create a hyper-resilient infrastructure that supports micro edge and IoT all the way to a classic data center. Simultaneously, Ken was deploying and supporting Twitch (an Amazon Company) colocation data center strategy around the world as senior director of global infrastructure services. Most recently Ken was VP of data center services and operations at Oracle.

About ServerDomes

ServerDomes, established 2016, is a best-in-class data center company with a no compromise approach to design, build and operations. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ServerDomes’ mission is to transform data centers by building designs with superior efficiency, agility, scalability, and sustainability. ServerDomes is a “lights-out” facility, eliminating the need for 24/7 staffing. The future has landed. For more information, visit

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