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We're changing the way companies think about data centers.

Server Dome has created a revolutionary design for an unmanned, virtually maintenance-free, self-sustaining data storage center with little to no energy footprint to meet the demands of today’s growing data-collection storage industry. This idea changes the way companies look at data centers. Meet the team of professionals below.

Frank Oliver

As a technology executive with 12 years of industry experience in various executive roles including Chief Engineer, CTO, and CEO, Frank has been involved with both commercial and government technology programs and startup planning and execution.

Todd Walker, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Todd is an experienced professional when it comes to turning around operations, financial planning and administrative functions to improve efficiency and effectiveness that cuts costs and drives revenue, margin and shared growth.

Bruce Brady
Chief Operating Officer

With over 20 years of experience, Bruce has successfully developed new product offerings and marketing programs, providing solutions to customers across a variety of industries.

Brian Duke
VP Sales & Outreach

Brian has over 20 years of sales and sales leadership experience and connections with some of the largest companies in the U.S. His experience and connections will assist in developing the company toward becoming a leader in the “green energy” space.

Corey Park

Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics and Risk Management. He attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership and Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years.

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