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Frank Oliver


Frank is a physicist cross trained in both electrical and mechanical engineering with broad business experience in a wide range of technology. As a technology executive, with 12 years of industry experience in various executive roles including Chief Engineer, CTO, and CEO, Frank has been involved with both commercial and government technology programs and startup planning and execution. Notable industry activities include; Principle Investigator on SBIR Programs in Smart Grid, Systems Health, and Software Based Decision Support for systems engineering; Product and service development leading to corporate diversification and growth; Engineering and Research Engineer for Laser Systems; Energetic Materials; and Titanium processing through the DARPA Titanium Program.
Frank has also served as a participant in advisory boards for the The university of Arizona ; Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise (JGRE), strategic planning for the US Navy adoption of Alternative Energy Systems; and for the development of UAS Standards with the RTCA, an advisory organization for the FAA. In the aerospace industry, Frank is familiar with DO-160, DO-178, and DO-254 qualification standards for aircraft systems and equipment and ISO and AS9100 quality systems.

      Todd Walker

      Chief Financial Officer

      Todd Walker, CPA has led high-performance operations and financial teams in the highly competitive manufacturing and distribution industries. Todd has rich experience in turning around operations and financial planning and administrative functions to improve efficiency and effectiveness, cut costs and drive revenue, margin and share growth. He has time after time delivered exceptional results through strategic planning and business process automation with a relentless pursuit of continuous process improvement. Todd has also managed teams to 500 and budgets to 5M. Todd has a B.S. Accounting from the Santa Clara University.

        Bruce Brady

        Chief Operating Officer

        With over 20 years of experience, Bruce Brady has successfully developed new product offerings and marketing programs bringing solutions to customers across a variety of industries. He also has a keen ability to assess markets and form teams built on strong cultures.

        Applying his background in mechanical engineering and consulting, he has spent his career leading businesses with a focus on business development, sales and marketing in addition to launching multi-million dollar business units which remain successful today.

        Leading organizations in emerging industries is Bruce’s passion. He finds building teams and accomplishing exceptional results extremely rewarding, and is always motivated to take on the next challenge.

            Brian Duke

            Director of Business Development

            Brian Duke has over 20 years of sales and sales leadership experience and connections with some of the largest companies in the U.S. Brian will help Data Dome, Inc. raise capital and develop relationships with key corporations to grow the company.
            Brian has a background in commercial insurance and risk management as well as cloud software. His experience and connections will assist in developing the company to become a leader in the “green energy” space.
            Brian has held senior sales & client management positions at Marsh ClearSight, Willis, Marsh, and ABD and started his career with Aetna Casualty & Surety as a property adjuster. Brian has a BBA in Management from Texas Tech University.

                Corey Park


                Mr. Park is a Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP), with additional (CHP) certifications at the highest level in Portfolio Analytics and Risk Management. He attended the Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business (Leadership and Management) and has served in executive leadership positions for over 20 years. Mr. Park has closed several acquisitions and multimillion-dollar lines of credit from hedge funds; as well as negotiated and / or closed many mergers, strategic partnerships, license and/or sponsored research agreements and joint ventures. He initiated and signed investment agreements totaling more than 25 million for companies he founded. As an experienced practitioner of business strategy, he has read, studied and applied numerous books and countless articles relating to business strategy (According to the Wall Street Journal, the most sought after executive skill set is strategic thinking).