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Server Dome’s Self-Sustained Data Storage Center Offers

Numerous Advantages over Traditional Server Farm

The current data storage center market is $10.38 billion, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to $38 billion by 2021.  By 2017 it is anticipated that worldwide there will be 8.6 million data storage centers. The median size of data storage centers is expected to increase from 119,000 square feet to 225,000 square feet over the next several years.marketplace

Construction costs of a server dome data center are lower than a data center utilizing current industry standards. The elimination of AC units, duct work, chillers and heaters reduces both material and labor costs during construction. Server Dome’s data storage center provides 15 to 20 years of Enterprise Growth. The design includes substantial physical headroom to increase server and storage capacity including electrical and cooling capacity. Unlike traditional data centers designed with locked in units – which prevents relocation of existing or addition of new units – Server Dome’s design allows simple restructure without disruption to current operations. Ideal customers include:

  • Healthcare centers/hospitals
  • Universities/colleges
  • Government agencies
  • Banking/financial services
  • Insurance companies
  • Online companies
  • Social media companies

Ideal partners include the following:

  • Government agencies, including military bases
  • eMarket, Social Media, and Iconic companies (Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, etc.)
  • Health & Science and Technical Universities (Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT], University o California Los Angeles [UCLA], Johns Hopkins University, California Institute of Technology [CalTech], Yale, etc.)

The growing need for collecting and analyzing data across virtually every business market opens the door for innovative data storage centers.  Server Dome has designed a self-sustained, energy efficient data storage center that can provide a healthy return on investment. A Server Dome data storage center is operating successfully at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU).